Provide the Conveyancer with copies of personal/close corporation/company/trust documents, whichever is applicable: Income Tax Number, ID Document/s, Proof of current residential address (Not older than 3 months).

Bond Finance

If you are applying for a bond (either to cover the balance of the purchase price or for the full purchase price) the bond must be granted to you by a certain date as stipulated in the agreement of sale. Provide the Conveyancer with the name of the Bank and Bond Attorney appointed by the Bank.


If you have a deposit, which will form part of the purchase price, your deposit must paid by a certain date to the transferring attorney as stipulated in the agreement of sale. The deposit will be invested on your behalf to enable you to earn interest on your deposit.

Cash Transaction

The amount must be paid to the transferring attorney on acceptance, or by the date specified in your agreement of sale. If you have the funds invested, guarantees need to be issued against your investment.

Water and Electricity

Arrange to fill in forms and put down deposits for Water and Electricity at the appropriate authority after Transfer – take a copy of the Agreement of Sale, Identity Document and Documents from the Conveyancer.

Service Providers

Make arrangements regarding the Telephone, Alarm/Security Company, Garden service and change of address.

Transfer Duty

The transferring attorney needs to apply for a Transfer Duty Receipt from SARS. Please make sure your tax returns and details with SARS are up to date, as any incomplete/outstanding returns or incorrect details will cause a delay in receiving the Transfer Duty Receipt.


It is important to pay your costs as soon as possible after being requested by the transferring and bond attorney (if applicable).

Transfer Costs

Transferring attorneys attend to the transfer of the property from the Seller to you.  

Bond Registration Costs

Bond attorneys (if applicable) attend to the registration of your bond.

Levies and Home Owners Association Clearance Figures

A portion of the Levy Clearance (if applicable).


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