End User Finance is a professional service provider in the housing market. We offer our clients a reliable, efficient origination service. We submit your application to the banks of your choice and track the progress.  We liaise with the banks and the attorneys through the entire process, until the property is registered into your name.

 Our experienced and friendly consultants will help guide you through every step of the home buying process and are on call to help you through the process.

Our service is free of charge. There are no hidden costs.

Our banking partners include the following institutions:


Is the financing of a privately owned property for residential purposes approved by a financial institution, eg. ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank and SA Home Loans.

Residential properties range from free standing units, Villas, Cottages, Apartments and many more. Ownership can be held by various entities i.e. Private individuals, Trusts, Close Corporations and is subject to the requirements of the bank.

Upon receiving approval from a Financial Institution and the client accepts the relevant financial institution offer in writing, a bond attorney will be instructed to proceed. The process of transferring the property into your name takes approximately 2-4 months.

The bond amount financed excludes registration and transfer costs.

Residential Finance includes both Sectional Title and Full Title properties.

This is also known as a second bond and is usually utilised to finance improvements to an existing property or to finance the top structure on vacant land.

These loans are only available to existing home owners.

The loan allows the home owner the opportunity to renovate and improve the property and gain the full value of the property on a resale.

Please note that the application, qualification and assessment process of a Further Advance is the same as that of a New Loan application. The bank requires 3 market related quotations for improvements along with the application.

The purpose of a building loan is to finance the construction of a top structure.

The loan is obtained with the intention of erecting a new structure according to building specifications.

In majority of cases vacant stand and the structure can be financed simultaneously. However it is possible to apply for a building loan should you have a vacant stand registered in your name.

Once registered the purchase price of the stand will be paid to the seller. The balance of the loan will be paid to the builder in advanced stages in accordance with building phases. Payment to the builder will only be processed if the bank is satisfied that all their conditions and specifications have been met. No payment may be made without the owner’s authorisation.

An important point to remember - The bank will only pay out for work that has been completed and will ensure that there are adequate funds available. The bank will only pay the final instalment once all the work is done.

BetterLife can assist you with a loan amount of up to R150 000 that can cover all the costs associated with buying your home, as well as costs to renovate your home. In fact, our loans can assist with any of your personal funding requirements.

BetterLife Insurance

BetterLife - Insurance the BetterWay, can provide you with insurance that suits your unique requirements, at a premium you can afford. Whether its car insurance, home insurance, or all-risk insurance you’re looking for, we strive to provide the right amount of cover to protect the things closest to you.

Whether you’re looking to cover your family’s recreational fishing boat, or to comprehensively insure a car that’s fresh from the dealer’s showroom, we have a range of insurance policies that you can choose from.

That’s why we offer the following comprehensive and affordable auto insurance products:

Our life and funeral cover provide financial assistance to your loved ones, in the event of your death. Our life cover options are comprised of:

Mortgage Protection

The Mortgage Protection plan offers you that all-important cover for your bond.

Funeral Protector

The BetterLife Funeral Protector offers you a choice of 4 possible cover options that can be tailored to suit you and your family’s needs.

There are a number of benefits included in the premium:

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